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For over 40 years Ligra produced Projection Screens with passion

Ligra's history begins in June 1968, when Modern Plastic was founded, company specialized in the production of plastic articles on behalf of important and renowned trademarks, among which FINS (Fabbrica Italiana Nuovi Schermi), the only Italian producer of projection screens. Technical skills and the proven partners' experience bring soon excellent results which are then awarded in 1975 with the prestigious European Commerce Oscar, the so called 'Gold Mercury International Award'.
In 1976 the company creates an industrial production line destined to the manufacturing of screens for amateur projection, shortly becoming world leader even on behalf of third parties: Techno, Apex, Optex, Bonum, and Jessop. The annual production consists of approximately 150,000 screens and is totally absorbed and managed by national distributors located in over 30 countries world-wide.
At the end of the 80s springs the idea to expand the range of products, targeting a wider market and detaching from the amateur sector in which the company was strongly rooted. The development project took place in 1994 with the foundation of Ligra, by integrating the now consolidated amateur screens line with a complete range of supports for visual communication both in the educational & conference sectors and in the home theatre sector.

>> www.ligra.it



ProControl est un département de Remote Technologies Inc. qui est spécialisée, depuis près de 20 ans, dans les produits de domotique novateurs.

Avec les produits performants et innovants Pro Control Pro24.z remote und ProLinkerhield ProControl, ProControl a reçu en 2011 le prix EXC!TE Award du CustomRetailer magazine’s.

>> www.procontrol.com


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