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SmartMetals Mounting Solutions B.V. (SmartMetals) originates from Sky-Lite Holland B.V. (Sky-Lite).
Sky-Lite Holland started in 1989 with renting light and sound equipment. Very soon the market was asking for Audio Visual packaging solutions, this created the shift to producing flightcases under the brand name TechnoCase.

The launch of TechnoCase flightcases became a great success. The demand for high quality packaging material was increasing so fast that Sky-Lite decided to stop with renting equipment and started to fully focus on the production of their flightcases.

Over the years Sky-Lite gained a lot of knowledge and experience on the Audio Visual market, while producing and selling the TechnoCase flightcases and we received a lot of inquiries from the market. For example distributors, installation companies and rental companies had a growing demand for high quality mounting solutions for projectors and flat screens. Sky-Lite Holland first did some research whether it was possible for the organisation to live up to this demand, and decided in 2004 to start developing their own range of Audio Visual mounting solutions under the brand name SmartMetals.

To continue the success and growth from past years, Sky-Lite decided in 2011 it was best for both organisations to continue their business as two separate limited companies: Sky-Lite Holland B.V. with the focus on flightcases with other related products groups and SmartMetals Mounting Solutions B.V. for the mounting solutions to projectors and flatscreens.

>> smartmetals.eu

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