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Firmware-Update Vivitek NovoConnect 3.1.0 bringt viele Neuerungen

What's New


Quad-View Dynamic Screen Layout

Compatible with AirPlay and GoogleCast, screen layouts are configured automatically.

Bildschirmlayouts werden automatisch konfiguriert.


Enhanced Security for Corporate Edition (AES-256)


LauncherPlus Lite Software

Redesigned GUI for a better user experience

Sleep Timer-Configurable Eco Standby Mode

Users can set their devices to:

  • Never sleep
  • Sleep after a period of idling
  • Sleep and wake based on a predefined schedule   



Full Onscreen Mirroring
via NovoPresenter on Android Devices

(Compatible with Android 5.0 and above)


  • AirNote
    Redesigned UI flow includes on-off control, current user display, user designation, etc

  • NovoPro Home Screen
    Slideshow area can now be scaled to full screen.
  • LauncherPlus Pairing
    Eliminated the need to enter a Wi-Fi password.


How to Upgrade

Device Firmware Upgrade

On your device, go to “Settings” then “Firmware Upgrade” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Visit www.vivitek.eu or www.novoconnect.eu, the Chrome Web Store, App Store, or Google Play Store. Follow the instructions posted to get the latest software.
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